Engage clients and build lasting relationships with the sound of your voice.

The Alexa communications tool for financial professionals.

Invest in your greatest asset: relationships.

Give clients personal updates in minutes, hands-free.

Send broadcasts anytime.

Your authentic voice in your client’s ear: offer confidence and calm.

Customize your branded Alexa skill.

Add advisor bios, photos, and company information.

Communicate quickly with less effort.

Record and publish a broadcast in minutes.

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Engage clients with your authentic voice.

We process sound 10 times faster than the blink of an eye.
Voice = emotion.
Build a deeper connection.

Broadcast your viewpoint instantly during important market events.

Instill calm and confidence. Provide reassurance in times of uncertainty.

Be truly heard.

44% of people want to receive less email.
Stop competing in the social newsfeed and email inbox: you can own this channel.

Be their trusted advisor and guide.

Your consistent voice will drown out conflicting external messages, building trust long term.

Level up your services.

Engage with prospective and existing clients using the latest technology.

Get your day back.

Reach clients efficiently, but personally.

Old way:
25 phone calls
42 emails

New way:
1 Alexa broadcast

Leverage the fastest growing technology ever.

Smart speakers are the fastest growing consumer technology of all time, reaching 50% of the U.S. in under five years.

Consumer technology adoption chart - smart speakers fastest growing

Source: Activate Tech & Media Outlook 2018

has market share: Nearly 70% of U.S. smart speaker owners use an Amazon Echo device.

Amazon Google and other smart speaker market share

Source: eMarketer, February 2020

2019 saw record-setting global smart speaker shipments totaling 146.9 million units, up 70% from ~86 million units in 2018.

2018 and 2019 smart speaker shipments

Source: Strategy Analytics

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Awarded Advisors Use WealthVoice

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the early release of this, and it is hands down a tool that every advisor is going to want in their toolbox. Get ready for WealthVoice.”

Jon Porter
CEO, Three Bell Capital

“We are very excited to use WealthVoice to build our presence on voice assistants. The services Emily Binder has created are in line with our strategic vision of the future. I believe that WealthVoice will help revolutionize how we as financial professionals communicate with our clients.”

Matt Medeiros
CEO, The Institute for Wealth Management

“Advisors’ biggest marketing and communications challenge is staying engaged and relevant. Voice is a fast growing technology that allows you to be present for clients where they are, and connect with authenticity and efficiency. It allows you to communicate in a clear and memorable way to increase awareness and engagement.”

Perth Tolle
Founder, Life + Liberty Indexes

Cut through the noise, build trust, & engage clients

WealthVoice is the Alexa platform for financial professionals.